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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models In response to the need for health care enhancement and quality of care deliverance, the health care system is evolving and changing. The aim of this paper is to discuss the subsequent concepts influencing the future of nursing: Accountable Care Organization (ACO), continuity or continuum of care, nurse-managed health clinics and medical homes. Continuity or Continuum of Care Continuum of care enables a flawless change of patient care from an acute setting into the fitting discharge site, such as nursing homes, own homes, community centers, rehabilitation centers, group homes. These services help patients transitioning from one degree of care to another level (Naylor, Aiken, Kurtzman,…show more content…
The system understood to offer patients a central primary care practice or giver who organizes the patients' care across providers and settings. Some of the care offered comprises gynecology and obstetrics routines within the society, consenting to offer care to the proper clients having chronic sicknesses. Just like ACOs, medical homes offer patient-centered care. Medical homes offer services on a 24/7 basis thus creating nursing chances to attend to the patients’ needs that seek assistance at these amenities. This model empowers nurses to function as pioneers and educators to their peers (ANA,…show more content…
She stated that she considers the above-named delivery models of medical homes, continuum of care, ACOs, and nurse-managed clinics will be capable deliver this sort of care and that extra nurses will be shifting into this sort of settings to assist in caring for the patients being treated there. Moreover, she asserted that employing these services will decrease pointless hospitalization of patients in acute settings, constant needless diagnostic testing, and numerous medication prescriptions that might lead to adverse reactions; in its place they can go look for medical care at these primary care clinics. She stated that these services will give care to those societies that are not advantaged and are poverty-stricken also, which is an enhancement towards attaining a healthier

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