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This is an interesting study for the journal since it addresses with a novel approach the nursing diagnoses of surveillance in cases of patients suffering from cardiac arrest. There are few published studies dealing with this issue and, even less, using a non-NANDA-I taxonomy. The authors introduce the ATIC terminology that seems to have a wide range of adequate risk diagnoses to improve the nursing surveillance interventions planning for patients with severe health status in the hospital setting. Therefore, we believe that the research approaching is appropriate and pertinent to advance in these issues´ knowledge.

Introduction: page 2, lines 48: the sentence ending with "... cardiac arrest is predictable" should be accompanied by its bibliographic
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Please, could you argue your proposal? NANDA-I is a diagnostic terminology internationally accepted by nurses.

page 3, line 35: we propose to revise the following sentence "To date, the literature on the use and the effectiveness of NANDA nursing diagnoses is inconclusive". Speaking about effectiveness, in the context of nursing diagnoses seems inappropriate. Diagnoses can not be effective on their own. If authors refer to something else, please explain. Generally, the concept of effectiveness is used for interventions, not for diagnoses.

- page 3, line 38: Authors state that NANDA diagnoses are too general to describe the patients´ condition in an accurately way. You should point out that this especially happens when the use of electronic health records focuses only on the diagnostic labels. If what the authors want to say is that there are not enough diagnoses in NANDA-I for certain clinical situations we propose to write it just this way.

page 3, line 53: at the end of the sentence consider changing".. have been published ..." for "... have been studied

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