Nursing Diagnosis In Nursing

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Nursing Diagnosis The following nursing diagnosis’ is based off of our families weaknesses and strengths. It is important for the family to know their strengths and problems to limit potential problems in the future like: conflicts between family members and family stability. The most important problem that K. S. faces is caregiver role strain. While S. S. is at work and going to school full-time, K. S. is busy taking care of the day care and their two daughters, M. S and A. S.. K. S. also are busy doing things around the house like cooking, cleaning and taking care of their dog. This is related to 24 hour caregiving causing feelings of exhaustion from being the main caregiver, which plays a big role in this nursing diagnosis. Another problem that S. S. and K. S. face is ineffective coping. Instead of taking daily stressors and facing them head on, the couple likes to destress by having alcoholic drinks. While some drinks are okay, this can become a problem if it happens every day. The last diagnosis the family faces is anxiety relating to financial stressors. With the family struggling to make a living, anxiety can come into effect when making decisions on specific purchases like: car payments, mortgage, and student loans. The three nursing diagnosis’s are as followed: Caregiver role strain Ineffective coping Anxiety Nursing Interventions Nursing interventions are like roadmaps directing the best ways to provide nursing care. (Ackley, B., Ladwig, G., Makic, M., 2017). It
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