Nursing Discourse Research Paper

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Discourse Community Examination Discourse communities are essential and if we are aware of it or not we are all part of come kind of community. For the sake of this assignment I will be focusing on a community that I am familiar with. I am currently expressed interest in nursing and will soon be applying into the nursing program and officially be declared as nursing once accepted. An interview was conducted on a pediatric registered nurse named Hedi, Hedi is currently a nurse a Sutter medical center and has been employed there for twenty-five years. As a novice in the nursing discourse community I have much to learn. In this paper I will examine the nursing discourse community as well as a member of the community while referencing “The Concept…show more content…
Swales states that “The participatory mechanisms will vary according to the community: meetings, telecommunications, correspondence, newsletters, conversations and so forth”(Swales, 472). When asking Heidi what kind of communication is used to interact with others in the nursing discourse community she gave me examples such as emails, phone calls, meetings, and most importantly charting. According to nurse Heidi charting is a primary way information is exchanging in the hospital. Charting is done throughout the healthcare field, throughout the world. It must be done with caution and precision, not only is it a legal document but it also provides nurses with vital information. Documenting the patient's medical information, reduces medical errors that can become a life or death…show more content…
In hospital settings nurses and other healthcare providers must have access to a telephone in order to carry out their daily tasks and duties. With hospitals being as large as they are it is not possible for a nurse to walk around until they find who they need to speak with, whether it be the doctor, surgeon, or pharmacist. Telephones are useful for when nurses need to call doctors when they need answers to questions or even in emergencies, or when they must call a surgeon for an emergency life saving surgery. Another use for telephones in the nursing career is to call pharmacists in order to get prescriptions for patients who are staying in the hospital. These are all very good reasons why telephones are a useful genre for nurses and other healthcare
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