Essay About Nursing Education

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CHAPTER TWO 2.0. LITERATURE REVIEW Nightingale invented a better and more improved ways of carrying out nursing care which resulted infection control and tremendous reduction in death rate in Scutain (Janice, R.E et al, 1984). After recognizing education as very crucial, she founded the initial formal learning institution in St. Thomas Hospital with prescribed curriculum. The modernized nursing education today in Nigeria has received lots of attention in some major areas. Owners, operators or proprietors of nursing colleges have been encouraged to assimilate such institutions into federal state or private universities. According to (Mub, 2006) the expected change is expected to be gradual. Entry requirement for universities which schools…show more content…
The study which aimed at exploring the transformation of nursing in a regional hospital in Hong-Kong during this era of innovation reveals that nursing restructuring work, its associated dynamic and resulting impacts upon the nursing profession were examined. Nursing profession was examined methodologically, triangulation approach to data collection encompassing, interviews, participant documents were reviewed and observations were made. The findings gotten in the study suggest that the majority of nurses working in the case study hospital continued to be subject to medical dominance and are under management control. The emphasis on cost effective care has however, fostered qualified nurses to claim more ownership of their professional judgment and autonomy. The health reform confirmed the status of two newly established groups of nurses specialist and nurses manager. Further study conducted by Dr. Jaime in 1998, on the view of nurses towards Ph.D in nursing education in Philippines, the study revealed that such nurses with Ph.D level, provided will be addressed as “Doctor” in the clinical areas. It was confirmed that in the above studies that the Philippines nurses want Ph.D in nursed for aesthetic reason not for upgrading the nursing care
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