Nursing Educator Competency

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Nursing educator competency 6 as of ‘Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Nurse Educator Role’ reveals certain qualities development and implementation, to enhance nursing education and practice. The educator involved in identifying the needs and activities changes for improvement through further educational practices which propels the nurses to engage in lifelong learning (, nd). Effectiveness of educator role demands the recognition and support from the nurses, nursing faculties and other nursing leaders for participating in research and thereby, the elements of evidence-based practice established. This continuous process of learning occurs in the educator by integrating self-actualization, and fostering knowledge of previous experience into the innovation with help of mentors and supports of faculty colleagues (, nd). My practicum in the clinical teaching for new grads on orientation and clinical nurses for…show more content…
New grads needs the acquisition of hospital policies and procedural protocols to render patient safe and comfort care. I have experienced the benefit of gaining insightful knowledge of EBP at clinicals through teaching and learning. The classroom teaching is prepared me for understanding the nurses learning styles, critical thinking, self-awareness, self-reflection, and cultural diversity as well as to assess and evaluate with help of teaching strategies in small group. The format of learning environment, development of curriculum design and classes, the role of

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