Nursing Ethical Issues

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Badzek, Laurie, Mark Henaghan, Martha Turner, and Rita Monsen. "Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in the Translation of Genomics into Health Care." Journal of Nursing Scholarship 45.1 (2013): 15-24. Web. 02 Mar. 2016. Genomic care in the health field is new science. With the new advancements in the medical field comes the legal side. In the article, the authors bring to light the issues of ethical, legal and social issues. Any health care professional will encounter tough situations where they will need to know the human rights over patient’s care. This article talks about the ethical, legal and social issues better than other articles found on the same topic. Though the article is not about becoming a nurse, it is part of being a genetic…show more content…
Turner, a military flight nurse and assistant director of the ANA Center for Ethics and Human rights, and Dr. Jenkins, who has had many roles in leadership at the National Institutes of Health, came together in their article, Genomics and Nursing Practice: Advancing the Nursing Profession, focusing on how genetics are advancing the nursing practice. The authors touch on the progress that has been made in taking care of a patient with the genetic advances. Another subject touched on is how the healthcare field professionals are trying to help nurses understand these advances and apply them in the field. In this article, compared to others, there was more information on the responses from a different nursing organization. This article is relevant to the topic of being a genetic nurse because whether or not a nurse decides to become specialized or not, they will have to deal with genetics in the medical field in some…show more content…
They use the condition Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) on how patients are treated to show how to start bringing in genetic aspects into patient care. In the article, it goes over how the genetic aspect is needed to provide the best care for the patient. The major purpose of the article was to provide a guide for others trying to include genetic care into the care and treatment of a patient. This article gave a more in-depth example of how genetics are brought into patient care and treatment than other articles. With genetics becoming more and more involved in the care of a patient, this article becomes relevant to becoming a genetic

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