Nursing Ethical Principles

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Ethical Principles
Ethical Frameworks for Decision-Making in Nursing Practice and Research: An Integrative Review.
Ethics is the expected standards of moral behavior of a particular group. Nurses have been viewed as the most honest and ethical professionals in the United States. Nursing ethics refers to the ethical issues that occurs in nursing practice. It is governed by the American Nurses Association(ANA), which holds nurses accountable for their ethical conduct. Ethical principles are sets of moral principles that nurses have to uphold throughout their nursing career and breach of any of these principles will result in punishment by law. Nurses are faced with ethical dilemmas in clinical practice and research. Examples of moral issues that nurses encounter in contemporary nursing practice and research include but not limited to: refusal of treatment,
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Furthermore, the ethical conduct involved in nursing research that was found in literature was respect for persons, beneficence and justice. Competent nurses are ethically competent nurses. Nurses should be able to deal with the human dimensions of care and explore what is good and right from what is accurate and efficient (Sanderson, 2014). Ethical dilemmas are often complex and ambiguous. The evidence-based ethical frameworks for decision-making could be used as a resource to guide and support the nurse on enacting their full capacity in caring for the patient with ethical issues that need resolution for better patient
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