Nursing Professional Values

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Article in the study a third member of the research team conducted further investigations the obscure points were discussed in the group and final decision was made

In the stage of data combination all textual obtained data from the selected articles were classified and completely described after textual data had been extracted and studied critically the traits were separated and finalized based on the obtained definition for each value or ethical concept and finally a unique definition was obtained each obtained defined value has been explained in the section discussion these defined values suggested appropriate answers to literature review questions

Articles methodological traits

The articles were from 12 countries Four from the US, two
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In two quantitative studies adopted to collect data standard tools had been employed in the study of weirs 2000 nurses professional values scale NPVS with confirmed reliability and validity had been utilized resin 2008 used nursing code of ethics related to international nursing association to evaluate nurses professional values, as well as the Rokeach values, survey with confirmed reliability and content validity to assess nurses personal values

Quality appraisal
The selected articles were reviewed concerning their quality application of a systematic literature scientific method in the present literature review study let the research review the articles based on research questions, research project, data collection method data analysis method data credibility ethical considerations and the results

In quantitative studies reviewed standard questionnaires had been adopted for data collection data analysis method had been clearly defined and the necessary permissions had been obtained from university and other needed institutes to respect ethical considerations the results were also in the direction of research questions

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Most of the reviewed articles had focused on common nursing ethical values. In some, several values and in some other, only one value had been introduced and defined. Konishi (2009) had only studied the value of harmony in nursing and had suggested that as one of the most fundamental values in Japan. Verpeet (2003) had defined values as nurses’ responsibility to their patients, profession, other health team members, and society. Naden (2004) in his study to define components of human dignity indicated braveness, responsibility, respect, commitment, and ethical desires. Wros (2004) reported a significant difference in the ethical value of decision-making among the nurses in two countries. Trailer (2004) claims that respect to the patients has the highest priority among codes of ethics and acts as a basic value to design the nursing ethical codes, which include three main elements of respect, reliability, and

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