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When we arrived at Jefferson City I did not know what to expect in the hearings but it was much more interesting than I thought it would be. The first case involved an older woman who violated nurses practice act by having a positive drug test. She denied the drug use in an improper way. This registered nurse worked over night so she had been use to taking sleeping pills to help her with the insomnia. On the night she was disciplined she was reported by another nurse that she was not acting right and was slurring her speech, confusing coworkers, names, appeared disoriented and staggered while walking. Because of her impairment the director of nursing at her facility requested that she have a drug screening which came back positive for…show more content…
The nurse claimed she had prescriptions for these and that she had took a hydrocodone pill a few hours before she came into work. She ended up violating as a professional in their trust or confidence which gave them the right to discipline her nursing license, use of unlawful possession of any controlled substance, as defined in chapter 195, RSMo, or alcoholic beverage to an extent that such use impairs a person’s ability to perform the work of any profession licensed or regulated by sections 335.011 to 335.096, and misconduct, fraud, misrepresentation, dishonesty, unethical conduct, or unprofessional conduct in the performance of the functions or duties of any profession licensed or regulated by this chapter (Missouri State Board of Nursing-Nursing Practice Act and Rules). This nurse agreed to probation for a period of three years where she would have to meet with the board of nursing throughout that time, have drug screenings, take classes on righting a wrong-ethics and professionalism in nursing, professional accountability and legal liability of a nurse, Missouri nursing practice act, and disciplinary actions: What every nurse…show more content…
This nurse did not have a prescription for the marijuana and tramadol which made it a violation. She admitted that she takes tramadol for neck pain when she did not have a prescription. She also said she was a recovering alcoholic and knows that she has done wrong but wants to improve her life and be the best nurse she knows she can be. The nurse violated the nurses practice act that says the licensee possessed marijuana in violation of 195.202.1, RSMo, which states: “Except as authorized by sections 195.005 to 195.425, it is unlawful for any person to possess or have under his control a controlled substance.” She also violated where it says, cause exists for the Board to take disciplinary action against Licensee’s license under 335.066.2 (1), (6), (13) and (15) RSMo Cum. Supp 2013, which states in pertinent part: the board may cause a complaint to be filed with the administrative hearing commission as provided by chapter 621, RSMo, against any holder of any certificate of registration or authority, permit or license required by sections 335.011 to 335.096 or any person who has failed to renew or has surrendered his certificate of registration or authority, permit or license for any one or any combination of the following causes: use or unlawful possession of any controlled substance, as defined in chapter 195, RSMo, or alcoholic beverage to an

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