Imogene King's Framework Analysis

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One ethical obligation nurses are required to fulfil during their shift is to ensure no harm is done to their patient. Due to nursing shortages and too many patient’s, nurses are finding this hard to do. Ethics help nurses make the right decisions with the guidance of their morals, but due to shortages and overworked nurses they tend to feel dissatisfied with their jobs. This results from unsafe work environments, lack of time for communication and quality care of patients. “Understaffing and overtime hours have been associated with increases in patient mortality, hospital-acquired infections, shock, and bloodstream infections” (Kane et al., 2007b). Ethical conflicts are work can lead to physical and mental burnout for nurses. According to the Nurse Code of Ethics nurses are morally obligated to…show more content…
His framework focuses on an individual’s ability to meet their basic needs, which allows them to function in their defined roles. The framework focuses on perception, self-growth and development, body image, time, personal space and learning. King (1981) stated, “Although personal systems and social systems influence quality of care, the major elements in a theory of goal attainment are discovered in the interpersonal systems in which two people who are usually strangers, come together in a health care organization to help.” (Zimmerman, 2007) King’s framework can be compared to the assessment part of the nursing care plan. The nurse considers the patient’s feelings when it comes to perception, self, body image, growth and development, time and space. Through the assessment they determine a plan of care/treatment. Communication is key in explaining the treatment plan. Mutual goal setting is successful. The goals must be attainable in the daily living. Nursing shortages are a problem, the patient ratios are too high. If a nurse has too much to handle the quality of care a patient receives is going to
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