Nursing Evidence Based Practice Model Paper

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he Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model (JHNEBP) is a model that is utilize as an outline to aid in the synthesis and translation of evidence into practice (Baker, 2008). The JHNEBP is made of up of 3 components of nursing. These components consist of practice, evidence, and translation. JHNEBP model also has internal and external factors that need to be considered before change can be implemented. During the practice stage/question stage a question is refined in answerable terms. Following the practice stage is the evidence phase, this particular phase evidence is conducted and evidence is screened, rated, and summarized. Recommendations are then suggested based on the results of the evidenced obtained. Lastly, the translation phase a plan is…show more content…
As it related to my PICO question and evidence based change project I was able to incorporate several steps of the JHNEBP. The practice stage as it relates to my PICO and evidence based change project, can support my PICO question. The PICO question for this evidence based project is the following: For African Americans with prediabetes, will implementation of a culturally sensitive educational program increase healthy lifestyle behaviors? During this stage I have created a question that can be answered in answerable terms. During the evidence stage research was conducted to help answer my PICO question and what information is available to help identify or aid in answer the PICO question. Information was gathered on factors that affect African Americans as it related to prediabetes, diabetes, lifestyle, dietary habits, risk factors and spiritual beliefs. Once these information was gathered, they were summarized and findings were rated on the strength of the evidence. Information was also gathered for recommendations that can affect
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