Reflection On My Clinical Experience

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Describe a nursing situation you encountered this week. Today we attended clinical for second time. Our main focus was patient with COPD or any gas exchange difficulty. We assessed the patients with gas exchange problems. For example, my patient had COPD disorder. We were supposed to do head to test assessment on our patient and document it. Describe your formal knowledge (e.g. physiology, psychology, communication skills) and previous personal experiences that helped guide you as you worked with the patient. My formal knowledge was from previous experience that we had last clinical. Now I have less anxiety over the assessments. Our Instructor also helped me by guiding me over the patient assessment. My previous experience with my
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What do you do next? When I was assessing my patient, she had no problem with that. All the time I was assessing her, she was telling me about her life. Refection –on-Action and Clinical Learning:
Describe three ways your nursing skill expanded during this experience. I believe my nursing skills expends every time I go to clinical, every time I have new patients, and every time I have new task to do. I get more experience during each clinical. I get more used to clinical system, and I to know the patient and how to assesse them. Name three things you would do differently if you encounter this kind of situation again. If I ever have this kind of situation again, first thing I would differently get prepared before the clinical, I would carefully review that task we would have to do on clinical day. Second, I spent less time with my patient because they also need to get rest. Third, I would make sure that my patient 's history record has every section, for example, my patient was missing her physician order that I had to ask one of the nurses for a new copy. What additional knowledge, information, or skills will you need next
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