Personal Experience: A Career As A Nurse

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Nursing, a job that not only helps people, but touches their lives. I have wanted to become a nurse since I was 5 years old. Children always say what they want to be when they are little, but eventually change their minds. It has been 11 years since I decided my career, and I still have not changed my mind. I was lured into the nursing field because of the care nurses have towards their patients, it is more than a job. Also, everyday is a new challenge for a nurse, never knowing what will come in the door next is exciting. Being a nurse means being prepared for anything and everything, helping people, and doing more for people than just your job. The first personal experience I have had with nursing was when I was 12, and my dad needed medical…show more content…
As discussed on the website of Carrington College, Communication skills, dealing with pressure, and self-confidence is the most important things when it comes to important skills for a health career. Looking for your colleagues and advisors for advice is the best way to help you with your skills, so they can help you strengthen them (Carrington). To be a nurse it is also important to be focused and work well under pressure. I consider myself to be very well at these skills. In the article “Skills for Nursing Practice” The authors note that Nursing takes skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and compassion. These skills are focused around patients, and promotes dignity and respect toward the patient. When becoming a nurse, one of the most important skills is to be organized. This helps with decision making, critical thinking, knowledge, and being professional (Felton). When working in an ER it is important to be up to date with what is going on, and remaining calm in stressful situations. It is important to maintain and practice skills that benefit you in your career because those skills make you better at your job. I volunteer at a facility called Universal Healthcare, which is a rehabilitation therapy organization. Working with patients improves my skills, and benefits me because I can use those skills for my future career. The therapist I work with encourages me to ask questions, so I benefit and learn from volunteering. They also encourage me to be hands on, and communicate with the patients as much as I can. I believe some of the most important skills to have in any medical field are good communication skills, staying organized, and working under
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