Nursing Field Admission Essay

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I chose to pursue the teaching field because of my experience training new nurses and C.N.A.’s at the nursing home I previously worked at. There were students that would come to observe and learn the procedures and skills needed to work in a nursing home. My bosses knew to send them to me because they saw the passion I had for teaching skills in the nursing field. So when I knew that I was going to have those students, I became overjoyed because I knew that as they learned, I was actually making a difference in their careers in the medical field. The passion for teaching began early for me in life. I can still remember my Health and Science Technology teacher, and how passionate she was in teaching her students, and that lit a fire for success inside of me. I would not have been able to get through my college nurses classes without her teachings, and having confidence and perfecting my skill makes me the nurse that I am today.…show more content…
I hope that one day my students can say that I made a difference in their lives and in their careers in the medical field through my teaching.As a new teacher one of the biggest challenges I faced was becoming reasonable. I thought I would just go into the classroom, talk for the class period, show a couple of slides, and the students would just get it. As the days went on, I began to know who my students are, and how different they all learn. So I stopped, reflected upon my teaching and how my students are learning and readjusted myself. I researched and found different ways to breaking down the material that I teach. I try and make it hands on to ensure that the knowledge is being retained. Now as a classroom I have become more reasonable with my students and their learning. We have become a family, and I can see the growth in each and every one of my
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