Nursing Gap Analysis Paper

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Gap Analysis: A method to Assess Core Competency Development in the Curriculum
Mohsin Rasho
Valparaiso University

“I have neither given nor received, nor have I tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid.” Mohsin Rasho
Curriculum development in nursing education is a process to create and evaluate appropriate subjects and materials for nursing students. According to the Kerry H., “gap analysis is the relevant method to identify opportunities for competency development in a basic undergraduate nursing curriculum” (Fater, 2013, p. 101). Gap analysis is the one of the successful methods to make
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Content increase was visible with this process. The gap analysis approach helped educational and agency professional to explore anticipations of entry level practitioners and provided whole participants relevant language regarding learning anticipations (Fater, 2013). The communication and collaboration between practice partner and affiliating agencies leaded to a systematic process to curriculum structure (Fater, 2013). When students are participating in health conference, they could provide their analysis and concepts. They were encouraged to look the implications of the information and analysis process to the issues (Fater, 2013). The agency staff member then provided the outcomes of a unit based initiative to address the issue (Fater, 2013). Appraisal of the activity specified that students had extremely better understanding of quality improvement and its relationship to patient care than they had already (Fater, 2013). The nursing faculty and affiliating agency staff propose to continue to evolve student skills targeting competency development (Fater, 2013). Faculties have to think about some factors before evaluating a curriculum using the gap analysis (Fater, 2013). They have to think of the labor-intensive nature of the data mining desired (Fater, 2013). Not just the time is problem to complete and make review for whole course materials, it is necessary that faculty colleagues to provide adequate support and benefit information about it if they needed (Fater, 2013). The data mining and recoding of appropriate data from 22 instructional and experimental courses required almost 20 hours via every of the project team members, except the practice partner (Fater, 2013). Secretarial support was critically significant for helping simultaneous survey via the project team (Fater, 2013). The extreme common critique is that
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