Nursing Home Abuse Research Paper

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With the increasingly aging population, more and more people require the services of long term nursing care for selves or elderly. When you hire the services of the nursing home, you expect the best possible care. In some cases, the person may require extra and special care if he/she is suffering from complex medical conditions. These medical conditions include age related health issues, dementia, mobility issues or even heart conditions. When the nursing home suddenly changes its policies, without informing its residents or the procedures or the staffing fall below the accepted standards of care, you can always consult a knowledgeable Injury Lawyer Kitchener. The experienced and skilled lawyer should have the necessary indepth knowledge about the various laws that protect the rights of the residents of the nursing home and help you in filing lawsuit against the negligent nursing home. Some of the…show more content…
The victims either do not have the means to report or fear retribution for reporting the abuse. There have been many cases where the elderly are not even aware about the abuse. In such cases it is upto the visiting members to see to it that such abuse do not occur and if they come across such abuse take immediate action with the help of a skilled Injury Lawyer Kitchener. In a nursing home environment, there are broadly speaking two types of abuse. The first form of abuse involves the general condition and upkeep of the facilities. These include the condition of the building and the property on the whole. The building and the property should be safe, should have taken adequate steps to prevent slips and falls, should be properly equipped and clean. The nursing home should provide the residents with nutritious meals, recreational activities, social services, proper medications and medical care. The staff should be well-trained and adequate for the

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