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West End Villa nursing home of the Extendicare chain in Ottawa recently had one of its residents, eighty-nine-year old Luba Ignatieva, sent to the hospital following a detection of maggots in a wound. Following the unsightly discovery by staff at the nursing home, Luba was treated at a hospital, concerning her family and the police. This prompted an investigation further into the case by the elder-abuse unit; however, according to the Ottawa force 's official statement it was regarded as a non-criminal matter. Chronic “venous stasis ulcer” is what Luba has on her leg and needs to be checked on and treated twice a week by a worker at the nursing home. According to Luba, only one out of two scheduled dressing changes took place, thus resulting…show more content…
There was an incidence to where a resident at the West End Villa attacked Luba resulting in a broken hip and a trip to the hospital. I believe there was serious neglect going on at the Extendicare nursing home and it is evident with in this case with Luba 's situation. Residents should be monitored, but nevertheless they should also have freedom, but not enough to where there can be an altercation that goes unnoticed. The staff 's neglect was the reason why Luba was consequently injured from the attack, and that same neglect led to the discovery of an untreated maggot covered wound. That is why safety for the residents and their well-being should be among the top priorities for a personal support worker. Whether the administrator 's credibility would be up for debate is up to Extendicare, but the wellness of the residents, including Luba, should be handled accordingly with standards which nursing homes hold themselves up to. This only instills uncertainty among the families with relatives in nursing homes, and presents a bad lighting for personal support workers. The unfortunate truth is that this is one of many serious cases involving nursing homes and their neglect for their residents, and it should stand as an example for personal support workers to

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