Nursing Informatic Nursing Case Study

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. Informatics working within a healthcare facility may be involved in selecting and evaluating technology; determining consumer/end-user requirements, customizing functionality, and designing and delivering training. In addition to working in hospitals, informatics nurses can also be found a variety of healthcare setting including home/hospice care, acute care specialty clinics, public health departments, academic medical centers, and policy and standard organizations, among others. According to Baker (2012), the key responsibilities of nursing informatics include: analyzing clinical and financial data; delivering nursing content into standardized languages; endorsing and facilitating research and reference access; improving continuity of care;…show more content…
Functional areas/roles of informatics nursing include: administration, management and leadership which is often done directly with clinical informatics departments or in conjunction with other functional areas such as project management (Murphy, 2010); integrity and compliance management, which involves ensuring that the organization or institution is meeting all the set national laws and standards; analysis, whereby the informatics uses data to inform decisions, synthesize knowledge and manage outcomes and taxonomies; consultation; development, whereby they help translate user requirements/needs into solutions; coordination, integration and facilitation whereby the informatics serve as translators between end-users/consumers and IT experts; education and professional development, whereby the informatics teach users on how to apply a device or educate the general public or the next generation of nurses; research and evaluation, whereby they conduct research on various informatics topics that impact consumers and caregivers; and policy development and advocacy, whereby they help shape and promote policies at the national, state and or organizational level. Nursing informatics, also engage in: systems integration, information technology security, clinical application support, patient care coordination, and clinical transformation and…show more content…
This incorporates the use of information technology in the direct provision of care, in creating effective administration systems, in managing and delivering education and supporting ongoing learning, and in promoting nursing research. The future is likely to bring more technological power that will yield a vast quantity of information and stored data. The healthcare sector is likely to benefit from modeling systems, decision support systems, expert systems and artificial intelligence. However, the greatest benefits shall not come from the individual tools but from the information made available by these technologies. As such, to advance the specialty, the nursing and midwifery councils in all states must be committed to ongoing education and professional development. Self governance, voluntary certification, active participation in research and involvement in healthcare policies are prerequisite to the development of the field of nursing
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