Nursing Informatics Case Study

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In reading Hood I find this paragraph to be interesting dealing with Informatics in a nurse daily life. The Average person today has access to more information online than a single person could possibly comprehend in a lifetime . Informatics science deals with the discovery of " Efficient collection , storage and retrieval of information " (Agnes , 2005, p 733) Informatics have become what every nurse use on a daily bases. The nurse is looking up Labs , Radiology Reports , Demographics , and communicating promptly to the Doctors . Without Informatics how many patient care would be delayed . And some patient 's care could be crucial and time saving. I remember four years ago we were using McKesson as our computer patient care system. The Hospital decided to upgrade to Cerner . They installed new computer system in every nurses stations . They supplied the…show more content…
The question ask What ethical issues have arisen or might arise from use of technology and informatics in Professional nursing ? From Hood An EHR stores client health information digitally in a secure database . When consumers receive care from an integrated health system , EHR can be accessed nearly seamlessly section 1561 of the 2010 Affordable Care Act sets regulations for EHR use across the care continuum and for the security of the protected health information contained in them , and sets specific dates for regulation implementation . (Health, 2010 ). Sometimes the Nurses get busy and forget to log off the computer leaving information expose for family members to see . This can cause a problem in violating the HIPPA ACT. At the Hospital that I work at when the nurse leaves the computer expose this situation is always address. And at every meeting we always discuss the importance of HIPPA . As a nurse we know that families and patient like to keep their medical history private . Also some nurses do violate the HIPPA law needless to say they no longer work at our

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