Nursing Informatics In Nursing

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In today’s era nurses are required to identify and use the healthcare technology advance for patient’s care. However, at times additional health information’s can be devastating to patients. Thus nurses must be able to interpret the clinical data to assist patients to understand their illness and required treatment. Information gain from the internet can be misleading and the information may defer from original values of healthcare and the challenge here is to look for sense able and reliable information. Nurses need to engage with the best healthcare technology to optimized patient care leading to best outcomes. Nurses need to have the knowledge, skills and even leadership to embrace high quality improvement in patients care (Perry & King,…show more content…
Nurses main role are collaborating nursing care to the patients and information’s are gathered by continuously assessing, diagnosing, planning, intervening and evaluating. There is no doubt a nurse spends most of their time is getting all these information’s form patients. Thus nursing informatics had helped nurses gaining relevant information’s and it is known as a growing field in nursing profession. Today almost all the nurses are required to integrated technology into practice. I do believe that information is power and as a nurse we are required to have all the information for decision making.
Nursing profession is known to be a ‘cognitive profession’, nurses would think first before acting and the cognitive mechanisms in nursing is collecting data, assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating. Every decision that is been made by the nurses are based on their knowledge and protracted informational apprises. Honestly as a nurse I feel proud that, today nurses are even called as nursing informatics. Nursing informatics can actually help nurses to attain significant data’s from the patients that would guide in decisions made for patients (Ball et. al.
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American Nurses Association had updated their definition of nursing informatics focusing on informatics for the ‘support of patients, nurses and other providers in their decision making’. It is believe that nursing informatics embrace nurses, patients, other healthcare providers and even the stakeholders to attain high outcomes. This is achieved by using ‘information structures, processes and technology’ (Nancy & Cheryl, 2002). Many authors had defined nursing informatics as a link of information technology with nursing scope of practice done by nurses. Nursing informatics definition will continue to grow as more technology is integrated into healthcare industry. Therefore, when nurses integrate information technology with patient care it is known as nursing informatics (Hardiker & Park, 2005).
Informatics is flattering more and more in attendance to nursing profession as the technologies is rapidly advancing. The ultimate goals of nursing informatics are to generate new ways to perk up documentations, output, and outcomes and maximise clinical data and analysis. In these field nursing profession search for solutions and look for methods to improve healthcare services by integrating patient’s information and clinical data (Manta, 2014). It is believe that the integration of informatics and evidence based practice would improve
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