Psoriatic Arthritis Interview

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On 27th September 2016, our group (group 56) paid a visit to the Hong Kong Psoriatic Arthritis Association and interviewed a middle-aged female convalescent who had suffered from psoriatic arthritis for a few decades. Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is an immunologically triggered, chronic inflammatory arthropathy, which post long-lasting health effect without known caused and complete treatments [1]. The interviewed patient had shared her experience with PsA such as the discrimination of her friends when noticing she had skin flaking problem. Through the interview, I was inspired to have different views towards my future career, the Hong Kong healthcare system and the government policy in the medical field. In this essay, there will be brief description…show more content…
With reference to Shaw, effective nurses should inquire, discuss, and even disagree with physician if it is necessary to assist patients[17]. As a future nurse, I believe I would constantly acquire the latest pathological knowledge so that I could post enquiries and report syndromes to aid doctors to give right diagnosis. Moreover, I would also pay attention to patients’ physical need such as propping the patients who cannot walk by themselves, remind patient to take medicine on time, and report the doctor immediately when the patient has significant change of vital sign. These seem to be simple action. However, Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff revealed that the average nurses-patient ratio was 1 to 11 in public hospitals, which higher than international standard 1 to 6, while doctors in hospitals work up to 80 hours per week rather than the usual 44 hours, with very little time between shifts or for meal breaks while on duty [18][19]. As the result, the care of each individual patient is deprived, and medical blunder may occur. Therefore, as a nurse, I will notice patients’ physical condition and their needs and aid other healthcare professionals to supply…show more content…
I have even more understanding towards patient difficulties as suffering from a disease may cause a great anxiety as an individual. As a citizen, I expect modification of government policy and arise of popularity of self-help patient organisations. While as a nursing student and a potential nurse, I hope I could fulfil the physical, mental and social requirement of the patient. Every patient is unique in his or her own disease experience with variable extent of requirement. I will endeavour a better service to patients and their relatives by enhancing my knowledge and spend more time providing mental support for

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