Nursing Kinesiology

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Nursing and kinesiology are two different professions that involve the aspects of the body. However, nursing is a practice that involves the care for the ill or weak, which is includes attending to the pain of their patients. On the other hand, kinesiology focuses on the mechanism of the body. The two fields present examples that put them both in the category of health science, but distinctions of styles are evident between the two. For instance, similar writing styles are present in both writings. For example, both fields include a method section in their format. This suggest the importance of including their approach to accomplishing their desired topic. Furthermore, kinesiology and nursing first section present the sample they conducted their experiment on. Including their sample indicates their value towards the demographics of their participants. All things considered, nursing and kinesiology use their first section as the base of their results, which would cause implications.…show more content…
Kinesiology’s present its result in the methods section rather than the results section. However, the data from the nursing’s paper are located within the results itself. This choice of location could be because it wanted the results to guide the reader what the tables provide. Meehan, the author of the nurse piece, states that the table 1 “provide the foundation for how nurses think about themselves…” In conclusion, nursing’s and kinesiology’s format is different when considering kinesiology lack of emphases of their results. However, the two clearly portrays their work as an experiment when the nursing paper ending with how “further research is needed regarding the methods.” Kinesiology even implied the need for such when they discussed the faults in their hypothesis. Thus, the two fields favor an attempt to refine their methods that contributed to the
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