The Importance Of Leadership In Healthcare

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“The healthcare system is in chaos. It is critical then that contemporary nursing and healthcare leaders identify skills sets that will be needed by nurse leaders in 2020 and begin now to create the educational models and development programs necessary to assure these skills are present” (Huston, 2008). (n.d.) had defined chaos as a state of confusion, disorder, disorganized or a behavior of a system which is unpredictable and random. Healthcare system now is in chaos, mainly due to the reforming, emerging of technology, rapidly increase in demand due to increase populations in chronic illness, scientific advances and high expectation on quality patient outcome by educated public. Marquis and Huston (2015) had mentioned the traditional management and leadership that concentrated on short term goal is no longer can adapt according to the rapid changes in healthcare system. I strongly agree that the cotemporary nursing and healthcare leader must identify the skills that required by the nurse leader and begin now to modify …show more content…

The effective leadership must have characteristic of evidenced-base decision making, innovative and proactive thinking to enhance the problem solving. With the rapid changes in healthcare system, the patient care become more complex and therefore the decision making will be even harder. During the nursing program, educator should teach the decision-making process, guide them on how to relate theory with the practical, and emphasize the importance on referring to evidenced base guidelines, scientific study and research. Sherman and Pross (2010) suggested, real time conflict situation under mentorship with experienced leader can provide opportunities for novices to learn and manage. By having the knowledge and experiences in solving problem, it also can build up the future leaders’ confidence and

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