Nursing Leadership Essay

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Everyone that has worked in the medical field has experienced travelers or contract staff at least once. And if you haven’t noticed hostility comes to mind when one arrives to the floor. Gosh, the agony of seeing a traveler! Why would anyone turn away staff you must say to yourself? Someone in charge was slacking in their duties. Many people don’t understand the differences between leadership and management and use the definitions intertwined. Since leadership and management are different, their styles of handling situations to allow an environment to run smoothly are also different.
A leader has the ability to influence staff members. Leaders are sometimes thought as coaches, mentors, role models and even advocates (NRS-451 Lecture 1, 2013).
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It will take time, some learning, gained experience, patience but the desire and knowledge is there. The philosophy of nursing can have different definitions to each individual. Looking around at the nurses that worked shows that compassion is not dead. Although nurses get burnt out they are still around, they still sacrifice and they still care. Accountability is crucial when someone is taking care of someone’s life. And finally, personal goals and professionalism in life is a must to get ahead but do it with dignity. Being an instrumental leader is a stepping stone of being management. This is where one is focused on achieving goals. It helps that the added benefit of being an expressive leadership due to the desire to work together is very high. The key is evaluate the situation and adapt which is one main goal of the leader but getting the job accomplished with productivity and profit is management. Although there are three leadership styles, only two of them should be performed in the work force. A combination between autocratic and democratic could make a good leader/manager. One should know how to pull back and when to direct without questions. Laissez-faire shouldn’t even be an option of a leadership quality for a long term. This most likely will end in confusion or someone taking over in command. Being only a leader at this point is not what is strived for but understanding is temporary keeps the desire still going to be management. A leader can always become management but management is not always a

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