The Role Of Nursing Leadership In Nursing

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Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that when a nurse is taking over a managerial role the overall processes of work and cooperation enter a different mode. For instance, in most of the cases, the position is appointed by the executive team of managers of the hospital or responsible physicians, and the power base arises from the job itself. The visions and the goals of the manager are mostly defined by the organization and innovation and creativity usually undergoes severe criticism and is not entirely encouraged. A nurse on the managerial role needs to maintain one’s status quo and is mostly obligated to balance on one’s position without provoking and supporting outside initiatives. Furthermore, a specialist in this position is required to…show more content…
However, from the perspective of the nursing practice, it should be noted that the occurrence of nursing leadership is an evidential fact of a natural development of the profession and overall advancement of the nurse’s role in the healthcare industry. Leadership in nursing is a crucial and vital step for the whole profession and future specialists, whose responsibilities, duties, professional, and personal qualities will only expand throughout the years. The healthcare industry is in high demand of cultivating new leaders, especially in the position of the nursing staff, as this particular job is exceptionally demanding and makes a powerful impact on the patient safety rates and overall treatment outcomes. With the constant patient overflow, highly stressful working conditions, increasing responsibility for the therapeutic and diagnostic decisions healthcare specialists are facing professional burnout more frequently (Scully, 2015, p.4). However, with effective leaders present in different branches of the industry the number of preventable medical errors might significantly decrease, and the quality of medical procedures and services might improve, accordingly. Considering the presented circumstances, it becomes clear that the health care industry requires thorough and powerful interventions, especially from the position of the nursing staff that in most of the cases is in the process of the closest cooperation with the patients, their families, and treating physicians. Therefore, it becomes apparent that the issue is not always present in the type of a facility but is more actual for the people, who work at the facility. Lack of motivation, opportunities for professional and personal development, possibilities for free decision making regarding the patient’s condition all contribute

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