Nursing Leadership Role

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. As a nurse leader, my role and responsibility towards establishing a financially sustainable organization would include to fully study and understand the cultural processes and systems, then identify areas which need change or improvement. Focused on organizational vision, and understanding the real purpose of the organization is essential and establishes why improving such process is meaningful (Sinek, 2010). In addition, understanding the purpose of the organization existence, and systems assessments will identify areas not reflecting organizations vision. To increase patient outcomes, such areas will need improvement. Collective leadership and participation from other departments would identify objectives, strategies, steps to action.…show more content…
An organization’s ethical consideration is the ability and a mandate to follow a high standard and integrity of care in mundane processes and activities. In healthcare, trust is fundamental in delivery of care, services, and peace of mind. In patient care, focus on patient as a high priority, telling the truth and elimination of conflict of interest are principles which must reflect in all business facets. Whereas health is a right, moderating the four pillars of health (relieve, cure, prolong and improve) quality of life and provision of cost, efficient, effective care from providers is challenging (Gawande, 2009). Ideally, services, reimbursement and ethics are conjoined. In consideration of reimbursements, and more is expected from providers, delivery of care transcended from doing a good job to ‘how can I benefit from the system’ and this approach creates conflict of interest at the patient’s expense. Such as, unnecessary tests, overutilization arising from extra costs, services, and procedures. Furthermore, availability of technology does not promote young providers to use good clinical judgement (Gawande, 2009). Systems changes to re-focusing on sole health care philosophy and patient as a priority would need to take place. Electronic Health Record (EHR) use is taking provider’s time away from patient to computer, diminishing patient trust. Therefore, easy EHR use is needed to redirect provider’s attention (Fleming, 2017). According to Gawande (2009), consolidated resources arising from payments, and organization to relieve provider’s regulatory burdens and malpractice responsibilities a model employed by Mayo clinic. In this model, patient comes first, combines expertise through consulting with unhurried examination and time to
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