Nursing Leadership Self Analysis

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Leadership is the ability to guide or influence others with an objective of achieving a desired outcome. It involves influencing beliefs, opinions, values, perceptions, or behaviors of an individual or a group, and it is an amalgamation of inherent personality traits, learned skills, and it is a response to situational stimuli. I believe that, at any particular moment, where two or more individuals are interacting, one of them will emerge as the leader the other(s). To me, this means leadership role is fluid, and it changes as situational stimuli changes. For instance, during interpersonal interaction involving two individual, the leadership role has potential to shift from one individual to the other, as the situational stimuli changes. My leadership skills are influenced…show more content…
I became aware that this is one of the unwritten role each instructor in nursing school has. Through the influence of my instructors, I joined the Fresno City College Student Nurses ' Association, and I become the treasurer of the club. As the treasurer, I was able to guide and influence other students on issues related to volunteering our time and resources to worthy ventures. After graduating from nursing school, I became a correctional nurse, where I have a responsibility of guiding and influencing inmates with a view of helping them to change their perceptions, values, and behaviors. Also, I have been striving to change the perception my colleagues have towards our clients. The situation I found in the correctional setting was a nurse-centered model, where my colleagues perceived the client as a dangerous criminal who is a threat to the safety of the nurse, prior perceiving him as patient. However, my perception, as a care giver, is to foremost regard the client as a patient who deserves my empathy and care, without losing cognizant that he is a potential
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