Essay On Communication In Nursing

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Nursing is a profession that can be challenging nowadays because nurses will be seeing patient or career’s expectation of services that cannot be met with existing resources. As a graduated nurse leader currently working at one of the government hospitals in Malaysia under the Female Medical Ward, the job can be both advantageous and challenging at the same time. Good communication is very important between nurses and their patients as it will lead to a successful outcome of nursing care of each patient. Besides, communication between the nurses has never been more crucial as well. As a nurse, leadership skills have to be well-demonstrated as well as to have a positive outlook. Being a nurse leader will go a long way in professional relationship…show more content…
A manager must be endowed with leadership qualities by developing strategies that create and maintain competitive advantage. Both leadership and management are crucial for individual as well as for optimal organizational efficiency. It is to be learnt that leadership differs from management in a sense that management compromises with the technical dimension in the organization while leadership compromises with the people aspect. In this assignment, I will be focusing on the leadership qualities in my area of workplace involving my own staffs department, other departments within the organization, and patient care. As one of the nurse leader in my department, I use relationship-centered communication techniques in my workplace. I often give praises to the group members for effort and encouraging input. As nurses in the world are known with their most caring traits, they have built their own credit in the medial industry. But regardless of being valued, nurses still have to overcome several difficulties in their career such as long working hours, less compensation, and workplace violence. Helge (2001) stated that the trends in the
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