Nursing Leadership: The Concept Of Leadership In Nursing

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1. LEADERSHIP This concept of leadership has made me not to be responsible to specific matters in my own department but also responsible for coordinating interaction with other departments both professionally and non-professional within the organization. It makes me not to be fearful of failure, change or confrontation from patient and colleagues. Adjustment is quickly made when failure is imminent, while trying to continue to make progress. It proves to me that respect is reciprocal, and it is what I must earn as a good leader. It empowers me to give power to others, assisting them in achieving departmental goals since I am self-motivated, motivating others becomes easier through exhibiting excitement and enthusiasm. 2. MANAGEMENT This concept…show more content…
Inspirational motivation gives the nurse leader ability to inspire and motivate the nursing staff in a visible active way and form relationship that is nurturing with the nurses and other medical staff. Idealized influence puts the nurse leader on the toe of being an effective, positive role model by doing as says and never asking the staff nurse to do something that the leader him/herself cannot do. The nurse leader is able to be consistent in words and actions that are professional and supportive. Transformational leadership practice improves job satisfaction and patient outcomes and enabling achievement through shared…show more content…
It has helped in establishing goals and arranging them in logical order. Filling the job with the right people that are qualified for it; being a good role model for junior to follow, it has improved ensuring patients welfare, representing employees and staff management, planning, organising, directing, delegating, coordinating staff and supervising the delivery of healthcare. 8. PLANNING The concept of planning gives meaning to work and brings about realization to change in my nursing work. It provides basis for control and it is needed for effective control. Planning is cost effective and helps in coping with crisis. It makes goals and objectives achievable and it is based on past and future activities. Planning helps in prioritising work, and helps in clearly defining objectives. It promotes actions that are flexible and realistic in terms of personnel, equipment, facilities and time. 9. HUMAN RESOURCE

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