Applicability Of Learning Theory

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Learning Theory Applicable to study Learning has been defined as “relatively change in behavior results from experience” (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2012 p.6). Learning occurs as individuals interact with their environment and incorporates new information into existing knowledge. People learn in different ways. Candela, 2012, stated that learning can be group into three categories: psychomotor learning which is the acquisition of skills, effective learning such as change of feelings and beliefs and cognitive learning of acquiring information. Advance practice nurses must know how to find learning strategies and theories that will works best for his/her client, whether it is students or colleagues and that none one theory will best suits …show more content…

The teacher facilitates learning by responding to the needs of the learner. To be effective, the teacher or presenter needs to tell things the way it is and stress how to do it. Self-directed learners are responsible of their own learning. Knowles et al., 2005, believed that adults need to know why they need to learn and cited the six assumptions of adult learners; need to know, self-concept, experiences, readiness to learn, orientation to learning and motivation. First, as an educator, we need to emphasized to the learners the importance of learning something in application to their current and future practice. Second, the learners move from being independent and self-directed, enhancing their ability to solve problems on their own and be independent. Third, incorporate learner’s experiences into the learning process. As people mature their amount of experiences expand and serve as a rich resource for learning. Fourth, oriented learning develop when facing real-life problems. Readiness to learn can be directed by exposing the individuals to superior models, simulation exercises, and other techniques. Fifth, is problem-oriented and immediate application of knowledge to solve the problem. Finally, learning with motivation from internal and external …show more content…

Social learning will be utilized for them to work in divided groups, and ask them to share their knowledge with the member of their team and share their perceived assessment grades of the stages of the wounds. Comprehensive structured learning program will be discussed to the nurses these includes; assessment of patient condition, patient risk assessment, skin assessment and care, nutritional management, positioning techniques and selection of appropriate

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