Nursing Management: 10 Concepts Of Public Health Nursing

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This contextual project on public health nursing management will elaborate in details 10 concepts as identified above. The concepts will be discussed based on how it could be applied to my personal life, how each could be found in different contextual setting, research related to concept, application of each concept in my job and its usefulness to the entire world.
This project explains the activities of health care workers toward public health aiming at creating more awareness on safety, health promotion behaviours and various tasks described on the concepts above. This concept encourages nurses other health care workers in discharging duties that protects the public and promotes healthy
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The Oxford textbook of medical health defined it as the process of mobilizing and engaging local, state, international resources to assure conditions in which people can be healthy.
It can also be defined as the science and protecting and improving the health of the community by adopting health education, preventive medicines, control of communicable diseases, application of sanitary measures and monitoring environmental hazards. It is what we as a society collectively do to ensure conditions in which people can be healthy.
Public health nursing is a specialty that initiates practices for promoting and protecting the health of the populations using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences. Normally, they focus on population health, with a common goal of promoting health, preventing disease and disability.
Public health nurses affect the lives of people in the community by working directly with the individuals and families that compose the communities and identifying the system that affect
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Providing care management, health education and primary care to individuals and families of which are members of the high-risk group and vulnerable population.
Public health nurses with other public health professionals’ work in collaboration with communities to create environments that promote health and prevent diseases and disability. They utilize an ecological approach to respond to the needs of the communities ensuring proactive measures in initiating program and policy development which together enhance the health of population.
PHN achieve work with the Nursing Intervention Wheel to define the scope of public nursing practice by the type of intervention and the level of practice.
PHN use a core set of interventions to accomplish their goals regardless of where they work or who they work with.
Public health nurses work in schools, clinics, homes, shelters, jails, out of mobile vans, individuals and families that make up

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