Essay On Nursing Management

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communication helps a nurse establish a relationship with the patient to help him acquire health behaviours such as health history etc. therapeutic communication skills provide planned and deliberate interactions which in- return promotes a good relationship between the patient and the nurse. It provides the nurse the framework for observing , understanding and predicting what occurs during interpersonal communications: Good communication in a not context helps for planning, controlling, decision making organizing in an organization to be easier.

Personal life
In my personal, life especially as a nurse management has made me sail gently through all the changes life throws at me. Management helps me
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the ability of one to incorporate others into his or plan determines how successful your objective at individual or management level will be. Nobody is an island on earth. Human resources should be handled careful by everyone of us less your plans become sterile. In a social organisation , such as a club, organisation cannot move forward when the leader does not inovlve others in decision and policies-making. Thus, this will bring division in the organisation.
Planning in Nursing Process
A study on factors that hinder the implementation of nursing process was recently conducted by a hospital in Ebonyi State Nigeria mentioned that nurses do not have the skill of assessment necessary to obtained input on which the care plan is developed, lack the ability to identify the contents of independent nursing function and making nursing judgements inability to identify the contents of independent nursing funcition and to see a purpose for writing the care plan and seeing nursing process as time consuming as factors limiting the implementation of nursing process and thus must be attended to.

Application of concept to my current
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