Nursing Metaparadigm Essay

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1. The metaparadigm of nursing illustrates the collective worldview of the shared concepts of the discipline, which are: the person, environment, health and nursing (1). The nursing metaparadigm is the framework for many nursing theories, values, and theoretical models, which help guide an advanced practice nurse in selecting appropriate interventions established by their chosen conceptual model. A conceptual model or advanced practice nursing theory provides an advanced practice nurse a logical structural model to follow, which is aligned with the discipline’s expectations. Advanced education prepares advanced practice nurses to employ a superior degree of clinical, research based and theoretical knowledge (2). As a nurse practitioner student,…show more content…
I provide all the information necessary which allows each patient to accept or decline care. NPs are in a position to empower patients with health knowledge, not only do I view myself as a medical provider, but also as a partner in health to influence healthy behaviors to increase positive health outcomes. The family component is crucial to improving health, as an NP I evaluate the family unit to assess for moral support. Families are encouraged to ask questions and seek assistance in dealing with complex medical issues. As a novice NP in adult/gerontology primary care and occupational health, the Shuler model will play a crucial role in my professional development as its constructs address all the essential components of an advanced practice nursing model that are important to my practice: person, health, environment, nursing and NP role. For the future, I will continue to use the Shuler model, as well as diligently assess patients, and listen to their specific needs to gain a higher level of expertise, which will only come with time and
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