Nursing: My Choice Of Nursing As A Career

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Nursing is not just about treating the ill, it is focused on the quality of care that we are delivering to our patient according to their individualized needs. Nursing is much more than just the physical aspects it also what we see internal wellness. Nursing has given me new challenges every day, pushed me to my limits. Nursing has taught me to think critically and used my clinical judgment.
Choice of Nursing
I chose nursing as a career because I knew it was my calling. I have the desire to help and care for people who are in need and this was what drew me into this profession. Being a nurse gives me that rewarding feeling, knowing that I’ve made a positive difference in my patient’s life. I love interacting with people and nursing gives me that chance to do it every day.
With nursing, I have so many options and specialties to choose from. With each specialty, I can continue to expand my knowledge within those specialties. The medicinal world is changing, every day with technological advances. Medical innovations and new obstacles draw me, the feed my desire for learning.
Essence of Nursing
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Empathy is a fundamental part of nursing. The more I grew in nursing, the more I have developed an ability to understands the need of my patients. As nurses we have the obligation of being honest with our patients and with our coworkers. Integrity is doing the right thing the right way time after time the way it should be done, even if there is no one there to acknowledge it. The most basic and common nursing theory we practice is Florence Nightingales. Ultimately, the patient comes in to an environment where they can recover by being offered the right environment to implement the natural laws of health (Masters, p
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