Nursing Observation Paper

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I was allowed to observe the nurses, see what they were charting on. Different nurses let me do different things, some nurses would give me symptoms and ask what I thought the next step should be. Some nurses let me take vital signs and help them assess a resident. I shadowed four different registered nurses and the Director of Nursing. One of the days I was there I helped an RN review psychology consults. They have a doctor who comes in once a week and sees certain residents. Some get seen every week and others less frequently, depends on how the resident want it. He spends one on one time with them and talks to them about how they are feeling and doing that day. He observes their behaviors as well. He then write a brief synopsis of the visit for the nurses to add to their charts. It states things about how the visit went, how the resident felt that day, if they were making progress and if they should continue care. For instance on resident is Hospice care so she no longer needs a visit because she can no longer communicate and the insurance will not pay for it. Another resident stated she beginning to grieve for her son that recently passed…show more content…
I used to work at this facility as a CNA, so for me, it was nice to see what all they do because a lot of it is behind the scenes and I had an idea of what to expect. I knew they did some paperwork and handled employee issues. I didn’t realize exactly how much paperwork it involves. I also never realized how much the employee issues disrupts them and puts them behind. For example, they had a call off in the middle of doing an admission so they had to stop to get someone to cover those hours. I personally wouldn’t want to work in a nursing home because they don’t have a lot of hands on contact with the residents and they are responsible for not only all the residents, but the staff as
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