Jean Watson Theory And Nursing

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Research Question: Does the relationship the nurse forms with a patient affect their patient’s outcome? Abstract: As the medical field continues to advance in technology, efficiency, evidenced based systemastic structure, inevitably the expectations and the responsibilities for the nurse only increase. In order to be competent withn their role, a nurse must stay focused, perform interventions quickly, safely, resourcal, and effective, the risk of desensitization in unconsciously lost due increase the timely and sufficient expectations. In turn, the risk for a therapeutic relationship between the nurse can be lost. With the recognition of task detailed oriented, Jean Watson developed the Caring of a Human which primarily put an emphasis holistic…show more content…
They have this insatiable need to care for others which is both their biggest strength and fatal flaw” Jean Watson’s (Watson & Smith , 2002). Watson’s theory proposed that rather on focusing solely on the patient’s medical diagnosis, meeting patients at their psychological needs was just as important. At the center of Watson’s theory, the importance of investing into meaningful relationships, the impact this relationship could have on both people would be significant. In 1979 the Theory of human care stared to develop. “I felt a dissaonance bbetween the nursings (meta) paradigm of caring-healing and health, and medicines (meta) paradigm of diagnosis and treatment, and concentation on disease and pathology”. (Watson, 1997, p.49) Using Watson’s theoretical framework nurses can fullfll the human component of this job by sustaining an interpersonal with the patients and their…show more content…
Jean Watson was born and raised in small town located in the West Virginia. Watson went on to attend college at the University of Colorado. In 1997, Dr. Watson was involved in a traumatic accident which led to the vison loss in her left eye. Due to the severity of the injury, a got a prosthesis. Florence Nightingale was one of Watson’s role models at the time. Dr. Watson’s coping mechanism, using a healing process that restored her wellbeing and health. From her success of the healing process she implemented for herself, Dr. Watson was able to internally feel how this healing process impacted her life. She continued to share her insightful experiences to her teaching and nursing career. The significant impact of Dr. Watson’s research has affected how all nurses operate in today’s society because of awareness Watson brought in regard to the psychological impact a hospital can have. With a balance and recognition between the medical diagnosis and the physical person, a nurse can bridge the gap between and a care for their patient in an empathetic and thoughtful

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