Nursing Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement Essay
While working as a nurse at GHI Hospital, I had a chance to receive my first professional experience and knowledge connected to the nursing sector. In the medical institution I saw a lot of people suffering from different diseases. When they looked at me, I felt I had to help them. So, I remember this feeling all the time and it is great to realize that I am able to do that. Providing professional medical service is of great importance, but, to my mind, the most valuable thing especially in the healthcare sphere is kindness and sympathy to all patients without exception. Such attitude to my work keeps convincing me all the time that nursing was the right choice.
Nowadays, nursing is deemed to be one of the most demanding professions offering new challenges every day. It is true. My current work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Heartland Hospice Decatur includes high quality healthcare as an in-demand per-diem CNA within surgical, rehabilitation, home-healthcare and acute-care. Besides, I got the knowledge of the patient monitoring and HIPAA regulations and
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One of the reasons why I have decided on this career path is my willingness to work directly with people. I realize that nursing requires full dedication, as it is a profession for the whole life. That is why it was decided that the Nursing Degree at Georgia Southwestern State University would equip me with all necessary skills and knowledge on my way to become a professional nurse.
I consider the abilities to show compassions, make autonomous decisions and support the diverse needs of individuals are among the biggest challenges in the nursing sector. In addition, there are some outer challenges as budget cuts and growing workload for nurses at hospitals and care centers. Thus, nurses become far more involved in the welfare of patients what causes more responsibility on their

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