Art Of Caring Analysis

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Developing Perspective in the Art of Caring: Nursing Philosophy Caring for others is self-less and compassionate. By caring for others, we put ourselves in the same position as the patient. Nursing encompasses caring for others. However, the art of caring is not practiced the same by all nurses. Practicing nursing compasses following rules but one can use theories to care. There are many approaches to nursing, and there is not necessarily a bad or good one. My belief is that people can adapt and be successful regardless of their past or circumstances I will search to identify that choices makes people the way they develop. A person is not born evil, a person makes decisions that he or she consider as right. In their mind, nobody is ever bad.…show more content…
Sister Callista Roy states that the adaptive theory states that humans are biopsychosocial beings existing within an environment. Needs are created within interrelated adaptive modes such as physiological self-concept, role function and interdependence.There are many theories that could work and none of them are wring, but for this one adaptive nurses would be more helpful. Each patient is different and should be cared based on the individual needs of the particular patient. Roy’s adaptation theory is made up of four main components which are the person, health, environment and nursing. The person, who is describes as a bio-psycho-social being in constant contact with a changing environment. The person uses innate and acquired mechanisms to adapt. The model includes people as individuals, as well as in groups such as families, organizations, and…show more content…
There is diversity even between families and the reason is because we are all different and unique. Health providers must have this in mind when attending people from different cultures. Avoiding to do so might cause mistakes and unfair treatment. Individuals go to health care providers in order to heal, however over the course of history injustice has happened in the health care system. By doing so it affected her personal belief she could have been cared for better, and also they failed to communicate and inform the family thus inflicting pain in them for years. They only thing they wanted was answers. It is what shapes views and ways of learning. Therefore, communication plays an important role in how culture is learned and passed on. As nurses, communication is key in having a successful interaction with patients. Many patients will only need to be listened and understood. Health care providers, must be there to help them
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