Nursing Philosophy And Compassion

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The American Nurses Association believes that respect for the inherent dignity, worth, unique attributes, and human rights of all individuals are a fundamental principle (ANA 2015). ANA establish nursing philosophy that guides our practice and set standards that nurse can follow and integrate into their practice. I believe nursing is a caring profession and the nurse plays a substantial role in providing quality care that empowers the patient to meet their goals, educate the patient about their disease, and support patient decision of expressing their autonomy. I will be discussion my nursing philosophy, which I fee is the core characters of being a nurse. The following are my personal nursing beliefs/values: compassionate/caring, fairness and honesty, advocacy, autonomy, knowledge.…show more content…
My first personal beliefs/vale is caring and compassion and it is one of the core parts of being a nurse. Being caring and compassion for others have been part of my value/belief system, as a child I remember caring for my grandmother when she was ill, I would sit by her bed holding her hand and giving her sips of water in-between our conversations. The passion to help and care for others is part of my nature , and as a professional nurse you need to have an overwhelming amount of compassion for your patients and their family and be able to support their physical, spiritual and emotional

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