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Materials and Methods
4.1 Research approach: A quantitative method of research approach was used to assess the effectiveness of spiritual care training program on spiritual care competence of nurses and its impact on spiritual well being of their patients with cerebral stroke at selected settings. The data were collected for nurses by self rated spiritual care competence scale and for patients by self rated spiritual well being scale and questionnaire on experience of patients regarding spiritual care competence of nurses.

Research design:

Study Participants/


Tool Day 1& 2

Day 10 Day 15

Day 20

Pre test Intervention Post test 1 Intervention Post test 2 Intervention Post test 3
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It is a 600 bedded super specialty hospital with stroke unit. On an average-45 patients with stroke-are admitted in a month and 50 registered staff nurses work in stroke unit.

4.4 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

All registered nurses who are working in the stroke unit, willing to participate in the study and all cerebral stroke patients who were in the wards for a week and above and able to communicate were included in the study.

Nurses who were on floating duty and patients who were non believers in spirituality and illiterate were excluded.

4.5 Sample and sample size

All the nurses and patients who were eligible based on inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected as sample.Sample size of patients was estimated assuming 15% improvement in patients spiritual wellbeing with an expected standard deviation of 25%.For a power of 90% and significance level of 5%, the estimated sample size was 60.Adding 10% as attrition, the final sample size was rounded off to 70.(SigmaPlot 13.0 systat software, USA was used for estimating sample size) 4.6 Sampling
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The training program also included exercises on value clarification, self awareness and development of nursing plan based on a case scenario were given to study participants (Nurses) for two days (5 hrs/day) in collaboration with the inservice education department of the
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