Nursing Process Analysis

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The application of the nursing process to a patient scenario According to (Pottery & Perry, 2005) the nursing process is a system that can be used to organize and deliver the nursing care. The process contains five steps which include; assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. The overview of these steps is shown below. Assessment Assessment involves the systematic collection of information. It is the first step in the nursing process where the nurse is also supposed to write a care plan. The assessment stage is helpful to the nurse because it helps him/her to know more about the condition of the patient. The day before the clinical the nurse is also supposed to draft a care plan based…show more content…
The nursing intervention classification also differentiates between two words that are direct and indirect intervention. Direct nursing intervention is defined as any type of treatment that is done through interaction with the patient. On the other hand indirect nursing intervention is defined as any action that is performed by the nurse away from the patient but on the latter’s behalf .As part of the implementation, there are a number of steps carried out some of them including counseling, teaching and direct care. In this through a well planned care plan that the nurse will be able to perform these steps effectively. There are also three types of nursing interventions; nurse initiated, dependent and interdependent. Independent nursing interventions are the autonomous actions taken by the nurse which are also based on patients centered goals and the diagnoses carried out by the nurse. Dependent interventions on the other hand are carried out through the directions of the physician. Interdependent interventions can be as a result of…show more content…
This step allows the nurse to determine whether the application of the nursing process was effective. It also helps the nurse to know whether the condition of the patient will improve because every nursing diagnostic has got its desired results (Fischbach, F, 2004). Through evaluation the nurse can therefore know whether the expected results have been achieved. In the care plan the nurse is also required to document whether he/she believes whether the diagnoses,assessment, planning and the implementation were correct. In addition to support his/her position the nurse will also have to include
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