Nursing Process Discipline Theory In Nursing

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The curriculum of nursing school is generally built on one or more specific conceptual models or concepts (McEwen, & Brown, 2002). Nursing school has proliferated and preparing nurses from associate degree to doctoral level. Nurses prepared at each nursing level can be involved with nursing theory. At doctoral level, nurses are apprehensive with science philosophy which discussed on nature of knowledge and how it is known, the philosophy of nursing science, invention of nursing knowledge, theory testing and research projects to develop new theory. At master level, nurses can be a primary provider in the advanced practice and apply theoretical perspectives which focused on client for specific nursing outcomes. Next, research process and use…show more content…
Based on this theory, it is focuses on individuals who are in poor health and under the physician’s care. She believes that major concern in nursing is resolving individual’s need for help by using an interactive discipline process that is gained through training. Orlando (1990) observed that her interpretation of nursing process is wider than the one usually advocated in undergraduate nursing curriculum. This theory give large impact on nursing education in North America and globally, although the emphasis on the process itself may have detracted from wider intent of theory to improve the interaction between client and nurses. She defines the actual role of nurses is to perceive the client as an individual. Nursing students are unaware that original intent of Orlando’s theory was to provide a theory of efficient practice and not an instrument to guide the nurse’s…show more content…
For instance, a client came to hospital with complaints of pain over all the joint and stiffness which mostly in the morning and reduces by physical activities. Client was able to do activities of daily living (ADL) by herself but the way she performed and posture she used was making her prone to develop complication of diseases. By applying the Orem’s theory of self care deficit, nurses can support the client by providing passive exercises as well as to improve her joint mobility. Besides that, nurses also teach the family members the limitation in activity level the client has and cooperation required. Next, nurses may also initiate pain relieving measures such as medication and physical therapy always before client go for any activities of daily living. Last but not least, nurses may promoting developmental environment by teach the family members and help them to practice how to help client related to her

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