The Nursing Process Analysis

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It is noticed that this model of nursing has gained significant success and popularity among the individuals but some issues are related to the appropriateness of this assessment tool. Timmins & Kelly (2008) argued that this model serves as a checklist. Moreover, the association of the model with the healthcare is also criticised because it is very hospital and medical oriented. While some of the critics stated that activities of living are based on physical aspect due to which patients might face problem in performing these activities. However, some of the criticism has been raised regarding the model and its implementation in the nursing it is still considered as the most effective model to be used because of its simplicity and effectiveness.…show more content…
The stages in the nursing process generate a framework that can be tailored depending on the particular needs of the patient. Timmins & Kelly (2008)stated that through this aspect, the patients and nurses work together in order to create holistically and achievable care that is person-centred and individualised. There are four steps in the nursing process, which are assessing, planning, implementation, and evaluation (APIE). Under these steps, the cyclical and systematic guide is used in order to assist nurses in the process of delivering quality and patient centred care. However, in 1974, a fifth step diagnosis was introduced by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association in the nursing process but the UK follows the four steps framework. Dawson (2008)stated that nursing process is important to practice because it provides an approach of thinking for problems and delivers some organisation to the critical thinking skills of the nurse. This process is considered by the practitioners in the patient care because of its flexibility and no…show more content…
Colombel et al (2010) provided that nurses are required to modify the planning process to the needs of individual patients and the implementation of MACROS can enable the nursing staff to ensure that plan is considering the measurability, achievability, realistic aspects, written results, and focused on the client. It was found that the pain of Allen was due to the causes leading to Crohn’s disease. The inflammation was planned to be treated with the intravenous hydrocortisone, which is the anti-inflammatory drug and prescribed for reducing the inflammation. Fisher et al (2008)further reflected that the initial doses of this planned drug are required to be forty to sixty grams on daily basis and she was prescribed for forty grams. Hill (2015) reflected that once the reduction in the pain is achieved the doses are reduced leading to
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