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Nursing Profession Paper Several self-reflective thoughts come to mind in responding to the query ‘what does it mean to think like a nurse’. The first thought which comes to mind is that of critical thinking. A nurse that applies critical thinking to their accountabilities is a professional who is able to organize their situational understanding across a broad spectrum of patient interaction. One who can take into consideration all of the patient data available to piece together a solution and/or plan of action which is specific to their patient so to optimize the outcome. Someone that asks questions for discovery and better understanding so to further progress towards assessing the range for best and worst case patient scenarios. Secondly,…show more content…
Growing up playing team sports definitely taught me the building blocks on how to perform within a team. Being a contributing factor to the team’s success. I strongly believe that playing sports at a young age and throughout my formative years benefited me greatly as it prepared me for understanding and embracing my role in being a team player in the work force. You learn how to pull your weight and do your part for the team and when you see someone struggling on their end you do what you can to help that person out and get them back on their feet and back on track. When you translate this experience to the nursing world, having the background and skillset of teamwork builds on itself in that it encourages you to seek it out more easily. When you become aware that one of your co-workers has a difficult assignment and yours is less crazy or intense, you should be proactive and help that person out. Wouldn’t you want them to do that for you if you were in a similar situation as…show more content…
Bruce Scott stated that studying with other classmates can help improve a nursing student’s success. Although, this type of studying can be very beneficial to many students, there are definitely students out there that can’t study in a group because it could be a distraction to them, like myself. They would rather study and learn the material on their own because they can get more accomplished rather working together in a group. Another difference between myself and the author on the understanding of nursing is through stereotypes. The Author talks about how, “it is important for a nurse to be aware of the influence her own stereotyping has on patient care” (Scott, 2009, p. 23). In my understanding of the nursing profession stereotyping should never happen. A nurse must put their thoughts and beliefs aside because the only thing a nurse should be worried about is how to provide the best possible care to that patient in question. The best thing the nurse should do is keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves as they should never give the patient a thought or notion that they are being

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