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The Heart of a Nursing Coat of Arms Although the profession of nursing embodies numerous traits, the core traits I believe best symbolize nursing are; trustworthiness, being knowledgeable, compassionate, respectful and caring. The traits I will discuss in further depth are compassion, respect and knowledge. These three qualities I will apply to real life nursing situations. I will define how they are showcased by inspiring nursing teams and how far these traits take one in not only their nursing pursuit but also their everyday lives. For the compassionate nurse I will discuss, compassion literacy, delivering compassionate care, barriers to compassionate care and compassion fatigue and how countless nurses overcome this reoccurring response.…show more content…
Our current health care culture has defined the aspect of compassion in relation to practice as an unfeasible ideal rather than a staple of practice. “The Francis report identified compassion as the key missing component in health care delivery that enabled the increased morbidity and mortality at the Stafford Hospital. It highlighted the real dangers to patient safety when compassion was found lacking” (Francis 2013). Merely acknowledging that nursing practice should embody compassion is not enough, we must exemplify compassion to our patients through our communication, care and attitudes at work. A nurse’s occupation is not only to provide care for their patients physically but also mentally. Without compassionate care the cross bridge to trust and honesty is demolished, and often patients will keep their underlying yet crucial health concerns and issues to themselves because their nurse has failed to portray compassion. “Patients can feel more comfortable to raise important issues with the practice nurse than with their doctor” (Phillips et al., 2009). This very act of compassionate care can save lives, there are countless issues that medical charts, ECG`s, X-rays and ultrasounds don’t depict yet the only key to unlocking that information is the attainment of trust from your…show more content…
This article lists strategies to compassionate care delivery through two means, personal and workplace promotion. As for personal strategies, nurses must acknowledge limits when needed, an act of self care rather than selfish care. Moreover, understanding ones’ own needs and negotiating with one’s workplace to allow employment and personal lives to be organized so self care needs are not left in the dust. As a nurse, you must be healthy to deliver care for the unhealthy. As for workplace strategies, providing training sessions to equip nurses working in alternating units and scheduling regular staff meetings to discuss the mental impact of providing care to the ill. Also, planning ways to connect with your support group, whether that be family, friends or partner is key and acknowledging your colleague’s workplace contributions during team meetings. Being acknowledged and appreciated for your efforts delay compassion fatigue since the health care provider recognizes their efforts are being accredited therefore they will want to over achieve as oppose to a nurse whose efforts go unnoticed, thus diminishing the quality of

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