Role Of Quality Management In Healthcare

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In this assignment, I will briefly discuss the framework developed and implemented for quality of care in our healthcare system. I will then discuss the different aspects between leadership and management within the healthcare system, and how the role of the nurse manger can improve quality of care through their management skills. I will also discuss what management is and how the role the nurse manager can also enhance the quality of care through quality improvement initiatives, such as; patient safety. Finally, I will discuss how the use of information management systems used within our healthcare system can also help managerial nurses to monitor and improve on these quality initiatives. In a report published by the Health Service Executive…show more content…
The quality of care is determined by not only the structure of the health system, but also the role of the nurse manager through the quality of education, training and competency. According to an article written by Draper, D.A. et al. (2008), nurses are on the front line of patient care and therefore can significantly influence the improvement of quality of care and ultimately enhance patient treatment and outcome. Draper, D.A. et al. (2008) also argued that potential implications, such as; high level of documentation, staff shortages and nurses education and training can all have an impact on nurses’ involvement in providing quality of care. Therefore, the role of the nurse in managing and improving quality of care can be challenging, especially if nurses do not have competency, appropriate training, education, support and the resources needed (McCallin, A.M. and Frankson, C.…show more content…
Leadership can be defined as a combination of having both personality traits and learned leadership skills, and it is the ability to guide, inspire, motivate and influence other person’s behaviour to set out and achieve optimum goals (Cherry, B. and Jacob, S.R. 2015). Management skills and nurses managers however focus on the systems and structure of the healthcare system itself and have been given the responsibility to co-ordinate and accomplish these goals, such as; time, staffing , problem solving and decision making (Cherry, B. and Jacob, S.R. 2015). An article written by Parand A. et al. (2014) defined a manager as an employee who is accountable and responsible for staff members and involved in the recruitment, training and education. Managers tend to adopt an attitude aiming towards goals that are necessary rather than goals that are desired; therefore managers are greatly required within the culture of the healthcare system (Zaleznik, A. 2004). These concepts both have common characteristics and require authority and power to be able to motivate and influence individuals to act in a certain

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