Nursing Reflection Essay

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I didn’t really feel as part of the team through most of this experience because I wasn’t competent to complete many tasks but one of the nurses did try to get me involved when things were under control. She suggested that I draw up 40ml of saline into 5ml syringes if I felt comfortable doing so. Under her supervision I completed the task successfully and even though I didn’t contribute a lot I still felt good about getting involved and then I felt more competent. According to Penderson and Sivonen (2012) it takes courage for student nurses to accept tasks that get them involved in patient care, even if it is something very simple. I felt like I had contributed to Katie’s care. The nurse thanked me for my help and as I was drawing up the saline Katie’s mother smiled at me and told me I would never forget this experience. She and her husband were both very thankful to the staff as they were leaving the hospital when Katie was being transferred. In that moment I felt a part of the team and I was happy that the nurse let me get involved with something that I was competent with and capable of completing successfully under supervision.

I think looking back I should have taken initiative and gone to my preceptor before entering the room, so she could have informed and prepared me for what I was about to see. Although the nurses were very helpful once Katie was transferred. They explained what had happened, they discussed their reasons for doing everything they did, and they

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