Nursing Reflection In Nursing

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Introduction/Description The purpose of this essay is to deliver a reflective account of the learning and educating actions required to change a stoma bag. A third year student carried out the actions required to complete the task within a ward setting. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), 2015 describe reflection as a process where nurses are given the opportunity to reflect on significant events that have taken place and explore their knowledge and practical skills in an objective way. Using analysis and evaluating the nurses actions, provides a learning opportunity, allowing future practice to be improved including professional development and patient safety (Nursing and Midwifery Council, (NMC) 2015). For this assignment, Gibbs (1988) reflective framework will be used. Gibbs model reflects on six defined stages encouraging the nurse to think systematically, each stage provides structure and a methodical understanding of reflection throughout. Davies (2012) believes Gibbs reflective framework is an excellent example, one which is mainly used within health. Throughout this reflection my patient will be given anonymity using a false name to protect her identity and respect her confidentiality, she will be referred to as Mrs Glover (NMC Code, 2015). Mrs Glover is a young female of 26, who recently had bowel surgery, which has resulted in a stoma site being formed. When she returns home, she will be required to change her stoma bag every time it is three-quarters full
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