Reflection Nursing Communication

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In this First Clinical Practicum, it is incredible that I have spent 8 weeks to work in medical and surgical wards. Standing out of laboratory, all new things in the wards are curious to me so I am aggressive to explore and grasp every chance for study. Apart from many psychomotor skills I have learnt and applied, I found something I have to improve for my further nursing field. In this reflective journal, I would like to focus on one significant item which is communication. Kimberly B. Chapman (2009) mentioned that as healthcare providers try to accomplish more in less time, the relationships between patients and providers-and among partners-naturally suffer. After experiencing this placement, I perceive that learning how to communicate with…show more content…
Four models of communication with applicability nurse to patient communication in healthcare are reviewed. The Rogerian Model describes the role of the relationship between healthcare provider and the patient. Carl Rogers (1951) stated the therapeutic relationship as central to facilitating healthy adjustment in the patient. Communication is client-centered as the patient is the focus of interaction. The healthcare provider communicates with genuineness respect and empathy to foster patient adjustment to behaviors toward health. In view of the real case, I found that this theory is helped to foster our relationship. As a result, I started conversation with her and offered suggestions about ways to taking drugs without conveying disapproving feelings, actions. I spent time to help her have a meal by touching her hand. Touch is effective in providing comfort (Stevens,1975). I was delighted that she started to accept and be kind to communicate with me. It evidenced that showing a willingness to attentively listen without judgment help approach to the patient and keep healthcare plan on the schedule. After handling such circumstances, I perceived that stress from time constraint may be a limit to nurse-patient…show more content…
Poor communication is so important that the Institute of Medicine identified it as the cause of many medical errors (Institute of Medicine, 1999). The Center for American Nurses (2008) defines disruptive behavior as “behavior that interferes with healthy communication among providers and adversely influences performance and outcomes. For instance, at the beginning of the placement, I found a reason behind the occurrence of client errors and missing nursing interventions that is insufficient communication among my teammates. Meanwhile, I have learnt a more systematic presentation to turn over cases and apply. Standard protocols, such as SBAR (situation-background- assessment-recommendations) are now commonplace as a way to improve communication (Beckett & Kipnis, 2009). Moreover, until I listened to the change-of-shift report in the surgical ward, I have understood how important the use of SBAR is. It is work to guide other providers to alert each behavior of patients through clear, simple and orderly
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